Love Like Summer Billabong feature

About a year ago Billabong Womens reached out to me asking to style some of my jewelry into their future campaign.  The day before I left for Korea I handed off some of my pieces to their stylist and pretty much forgot about it.  I knew it would take some time before the images were edited and published, but they've finally been released and they are DREAMY.

Bracelets, earrings, and rings from the Pinnacle Collection are featured in Billabong Womens new line called Love Like Summer.  16 year old me would be so psyched.  I'm so grateful and in love with these images.


Photographer Grant Legan 

Model Gwen Van Meir 

Location  James Goldstein residence designed by architect John Lautner in 1961

Billabong 2.jpg
Billabong 1.jpg
Billabong 3.jpg
Billabong 8.jpg
Billabong 4.jpg
Billabong 6.jpg
Billabong 5.jpg
Billabong 7.jpg
Billabong 9.jpg
Billabong 12.jpg
Billabong 14.jpg
Billabong 16.jpg