My Thoughts on Minimal

From conversations I've been having these days it seems people are over the term "minimal."  Maybe #minimalist is the new #vintage, but I'm personally a fan of this era.  To me the minimalist idea is suggesting a different outlook on life and taking deeper consideration to the things we appreciate and keep close.  Rather than constantly browsing, consuming, and collecting things it's become just as important to utilize and embrace what's existing around us.  I've moved more times than I'd like to admit, but my last move I decided whatever didn't fit in five suitcases I'd get rid of.  That decision was so freeing and made me really think about what I wanted to keep and why.  I got rid of four bags of things I didn't use or need on a daily basis.  Less things mean less distractions for me.  

I grew up loving costume jewelry.  When I was in school designing and making my own jewelry my pieces had an overall sense of fun and kitsch.  I was very attracted to prints, colors, and overwhelming details.  Once I graduated and started designing in the fashion jewelry industry I quickly realized how fast trends and fashion are and the cost/quality are nonexistent.  From designing fast, cheap, trend jewelry to designing and fabricating my own quality pieces has been the most rewarding.  Minimalism means to me taking the time to think and simplify. Appreciate what you have and why you like it.  The time spent not consuming has allowed me to better clarify my design aesthetic and be more aware and in awe of my surroundings.  It is difficult to design and make costume jewelry, but the approach of minimal design is highlighting the simple, core features.  What's just as difficult is creating perfect 90 degree angles, straight lines, and a smooth, glossy finish.  The simple foundations can be easily overlooked if covered in prints and colors.  In life and design sometimes more is just a distraction.