Diamonds are Forever

When I was in school for Jewelry Design one of my professors spoke about a new technique using unsuspecting materials to create man made diamonds.  Human remains.  Life Gem is one of the leading companies to create some of the most vibrant, beautiful diamonds from the carbon that is left from the remains of a body or a piece of hair.  The longer the diamonds are kept in high pressure crucibles the more vibrant and larger the stone becomes.  Once the process is complete the stone is sent to be G.I.A certified to prove the Three C's (cut, color, and clarity).  With carbon, intense pressure and heat, and some heavy pocket change Life Gems has everything they need to create a sentimental treasure that can stand the test of time.  

This may be a weird thought to some, but I like the idea of my remains be made into a beautiful stone that would actually sustain through time.  It's interesting to think that if a meteor hit the earth and destroyed everything many precious gemstones would remain intact due to their hardness and incredibly high melting points.  When DeBeers coined the phrase, "A Diamond is Forever" they had the right idea, but companies like Life Gem took it literally and capitalized on diamonds in a new way.