Jewelry has been a relevant part of my life since I was a kid wearing thrifted costume baubles.  As an adopted Korean girl growing up in a predominately caucasian town I learned the importance of individual expression which I displayed by wearing flashy jewelry.  I grew to appreciate jewelry representing sentiment and individuality, and I believe that form of expression should be worn everyday.  Jewelry holds invaluable memories from important moments in life.

With a love of jewelry from a very young age I decided to pursue jewelry design and fabrication by studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  While in school learning traditional metal smithing techniques and jewelry design I was simultaneously working full time designing fashion jewelry for mass market and private label companies.  My experiences as a designer in New York City allowed me to see the excitement of the fast paced fashion industry, but also the colossal waste it creates.  Although I appreciate fashion jewelry, it's accessibility, and extravagant, ornate design I value timeless, quality craftsmanship and materials.   When said, "hand made jewelry in Downtown, LA" there's no team of jewelers just me at my work bench outside of my day job.  I design jewelry when I truly feel inspired on my own terms and not by a fashion calendar.  While designing in NY I didn't have the opportunity to utilize the metal smithing skills I learned in college, but my jewelry journey has come full circle living here in Los Angeles where I'm able to personally craft and source all materials within the U.S.   

Agamemnon Jewelry is for the raw and refined.  Those who are honest and comfortable with their individuality and approach life and style not based on the opinions of others.  Those who don't need to shout to make a statement, but focus on the finer personal details.  Jewelry is made by metal smithing and wax carving to emphasize clean lines, stones, and symbols to represent balance.