The feminist movement is still relevant and in your face as ever. There are plenty of female comedians, actresses, self made entrepreneurs who are using their platform to speak on inequality towards women.  See this link to Forbes list of top self made women for proof:


At this point in time I believe women should get out of their own way, stop complaining, and think bigger than what society views us as.  I am more than a young, Asian American female.  I've had all odds against me for most of my life.  I was the only Asian person in my family living in a predominately Caucasian town.  My family didn't believe in going to college or focusing on a career.  While I was a senior in high school I was accepted to F.I.T., left home, got a job, and basically never looked/went back.  I worked exceptionally hard to support myself financially working full time at crappy retail and food service gigs.  At the same time I was taking 8 classes a semester to earn my degrees and to secure a job I interned too.  When they say "New York is the city that never sleeps" it's because no one can afford to live there without working their ass off.  My self motivation paid off because I was able to quickly work my way up the ladders at design jobs and by graduation I wasn't even worried about looking for a new job.  I pushed myself not because anyone was watching but because I wanted to set myself up for success and opportunities.  Through everything I feel nothing but grateful and confident in myself.  I choose to surround myself with like minded people. 

My point is instead of so much talk about feminism there needs to be just as much personal action from all women.  If you can't get what you want don't complain, because life isn't fair for 99% of people in the world.  Find another way for yourself even if it's through trial and error.  In the words of the great Cristina Yang...